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University Friends

East Africa Star University desires to have friends who will support the development of its vision and mission. People of good will and generous heart are encouraged to join this club and offer their generous support in whichever way they can afford. University friends and alumni can offer generous support for:
-Construction projects;
-Scholarship fund for students in need;
-Library and IT fund;
-Community integration projects;
-Research fund.

Erika Schaer – EASU Friend

Erika Schaer is a citizen of Switzerland, currently serving as a humanitarian volunteer in Haiti. She learned about East Africa Star University Project and was impressed about the vision of this project which envisions contributing to the development of education in Africa, particularly in Burundi.

Pledging to support the development of this project in the best way she could, Miss Schaer decided to give a generous donation which has been earmarked for purchasing about 150 books for various subjects proposed by the University. Moreover, she will continue to be an Ambassador of the University. Her generous donation and unwavering support are highly appreciated.

News Letter

Thank you for your donation.

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