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East Africa Star University Project: Building Peace, Prosperity, and Hope

For nearly two decades, the African Great Lakes Region, including but not limited to Burundi, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has gone through difficult and challenging times of war, violence, lawlessness, and hopelessness.

From the 1994 Rwandan genocide which claimed the lives of President Juvenal Habyalimana of Rwanda, President Cyprien Ntaryamira of Burundi and about one million innocent people in just 100 days to the Congolese wars which have taken nearly five million lives since 1996 through the Burundian civil war which lasted more than a decade and took hundreds of thousands of lives, this region has greatly suffered.

 Political institutions have been shaken and destabilized, poverty has increased significantly with many people living with less than one dollar per day, moral and human values have deteriorated for many years, access to reliable health care services has become a dream for many communities, quality of and access to education are just events of the past for many. In brief, hopelessness has replaced hope and confidence.


Though the region is weak, poor, unstable, and divided, nothing has diminished the resilience of its people and the richness of its soil from land fertility to minerals. Such opportunities should be considered seriously in order to build a different region in a new millennium for the purpose of ushering in stability, prosperity, love, hope, and development. Time has come to bring an end to days of disappointment and hopelessness by strengthening young agents of peace from the entire region, by promoting values of love, unity, and prosperity especially through education. Time has come to prove to the world that a new Great Lakes Region is possible. Founders and supporters of East Africa Start University (EASU) are motivated by this desire of bring this needed change of perspective which emphasizes on peace, prosperity, and hope in the Great Lakes Region through providing educational and research opportunities which bring together young people from the entire region.

Headquartered in the North-western part of Burundi, a few kilometers from the borders of Rwanda and DRC, the EASU seeks to bring together young people from mostly these three countries and train them for the purpose of serving their generation and coming generations not only in this region but also around the world. Under the leadership of talented and experienced lecturers, the University will offer, starting from January 2014, degree and professional certificate studies in both liberal arts and sciences. EASU will initially focus on business, law, social science, education, health, information technology, and agricultural studies. It is expected that all these programs will be accredited by the Government of Burundi, offering to trained young people opportunities to have degrees and certificates with international recognition.

It is with great hope and enthusiasm that EASU welcomes support from all over the world in order to make its dream come true. The University is committed to excellence and believes that no challenge can withstand the resolve of change agents who are committed to improving the lives of millions in the long-suffering African Great Lakes Region.

Samuel Ndikumana


Academic Workshop Opening Speech By the University President

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