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East Africa Star University Rector Appointed

In accordance with East Africa Star University (EASU) administrative policies and procedures, Dr Marek HRUBEC was appointed as the first Rector of the institution beginning with the 2013-2014 academic year.

Dr HRUBEC is a native of the Czech Republic and grew up in Prague, the capital city of his country. He studied philosophy and sociology at Charles University in Prague and philosophy at the University of Oxford. He had also other shorter study stays in the USA and United Kingdom.

In 1996, Dr HRUBEC became a Research fellow of the Institute of Philosophy at the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic. After earning his doctoral degree in 2001, he became Head of Department of Moral and Political Philosophy in the Institute of Philosophy (Prague). In 2006, as a founding Director, he established the Centre of Global Studies, a joint centre of the Academy of Sciences and Charles University in Prague. His areas of specialization are social and political philosophy, sociological and political theories, and global studies.


He has developed interest in specific themes such as social and political justice, poverty, recognition, participation, global interactions, scientific diplomacy, and intercultural dialogue, among others.

Dr HRUBEC joins East Africa Star University with an extremely interesting career in academic teaching and research. He has taught political and social philosophy, political sociology, and global studies at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, in the Law Faculty and in the Faculty of Philosopy. He has lectured not only in the European Union and the United States, but also in Brazil, China, Chile, Russian, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, and New Zealand.

Moreover, Dr HRUBEC is a distinguished researcher and scholar with outstanding results. He authored and co-authored 7 books and he edited 10 books, in addition to publishing many articles in academic journals. He has published in English, Czech, Chinese, and Russian. As Senior Research Fellow, he has made his own individual research and has led research teams, focusing especially on transdisciplinary themes of local and global justice; social, political, and intercultural global interactions; poverty; social, political, and cultural recognition; economic and political participation and democracy. He has developed a theory of global society and politics articulated as a theory of justice based on recognition. He concentrates on issues of extra-territorial recognition and intercultural dialogue, among others.

Dr HRUBEC has been very active in the public sphere and civil society. He worked as advisor to members of the Czech parliament, the Czech Prime Minister, and other politicians. He has been also active in civil society as a member of non-government organizations focusing on social and political justice, eradicating poverty, and participation.

We are greatly honoured to welcome Dr Marek HRUBEC in EASU growing family. We wish him success in his new challenging responsibilities of moving the University to the next level. He will have our unwavering support and commitment.

EASU Administration

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