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Donate to the University

The University accepts various donations which intend to support its mission and vision. Donors are free to support any department depending on their interest. Currently, EASU encourages its donors to support the following areas:

-Construction projects. This fund will enable EASU to expand its facilities on campus, providing more space for students and staff.

-Scholarship fund for students in need. Education requires a cost. Unfortunately, some bright students fail to pay their tuition fees. This fund will support such students who may fail to pursue their dreams of a better future through education without your support.

-Library and IT fund. Library and Information technology are key to modern university education and research. Your donation will help EASU to improve its facilities.

-Community integration projects. EASU cares about its surrounding communities. Through development projects, EASU seeks to engage its neighbors and provide opportunities for working with communities and providing opportunities for students to engage with surrounding communities.

-Research fund. This fund aims at support brilliant faculty members who engage in research works.

- You can donate by simply clicking Donate


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